Alkaline Ionized Water: Have You Tried It Yet?

The Microlite JP107 Ionizers make great tasting alkaline ionized water that is reported to have immense health benefits. This page explains how it makes ionized water

How is Ionized water made?

The JP107 is a device manufactured to produce the finest ionized water by Korean company Jupiter science (Royal water). It filters tap water, then ionizes it.

Tap water is first purified using the Jupiter’s revolutionary Bio-stone filters, and then passed through an electrolysis chamber. The filter purifies the water and the ionization chamber separates the acid ions that are present in tap water, so you are left with the only the beneficial alkaline ionized water molecules.

Blood at pH 7.3 has over 65% more excess oxygen molecules in the stable bias OH- form then blood at pH 7.2. The pH scale is logarithmic, each point is a 100% increase. Alkaline ionized water has a pH 8 or more, a massive increase in negative ions, alkaline minerals and ORP.

The water ionization process also alters the water clusters, making the water lighter, easier to drink and more readily absorbed by the body. Water Ionization also energises the water, making ‘dead’ tap water feel more alive.

Where and when was water ionization discovered?

Water ionization was discovered by the Japanese in the 1950’s and the early experiments were done on plants and animals. First water ionizer were very large units used in Hospitals. Today, water ionizers are used in some 15% of Japanese households, as well as in many hospitals and clinics throughout Japan and Korea.


How does ionized water help us?

1. Being light and very easy to drink, it allows you to easily drink the required 2-3 litres of water per day. Most of just don’t drink enough water because it doesn’t taste good and is ‘heavy’. Most of us are dehydrated and are not aware of it. Every ionized water user we know is drinking several times more water then they used to.

2. It provides much needed coral Calcium, along with the alkaline minerals present in tap water, in the all important bio-active, colloidal form that is best absorbed by the body.

3. It helps the body maintain the required slightly alkaline and oxygenated state of the cells and tissues. This reduces the growth of bacteria and other infections since bacterial, viral and fungal infections cannot develop in tissues that are sufficiently alkalized and oxygenated, and most microbes and toxins are neutralized by the presence of alkaline and oxygen elements.

4. It helps neutralize the over-acidity caused by consuming too much sugar and other acid forming foods, and is very effective at removing organic acid wastes.

5. Drinking alkaline water is the simplest way to reduce weight. Dr Robert Young, author of the pH Miracle has shown with many case studies that drinking alkaline water is a very effective way to lose weight. Obesity, he explains, is due to over acidity – the body creates cholesterol to store acid wastes away from the vital organs. The fat, Dr Young explains, is saving our lives.

How is water ionization viewed in health circles and the scientific community?

There are aver 100 published scientific papers on the effects of ionized water (acid and alkaline), probably more then on any other health discovery in recent years.

Many excerpts from these studies, reports and our responses to scientific questions can be found under our Studies and Reports section.

These studies are not well known in the UK, but the information is spreading. For the health experts that have studied it, alkaline ionized water is considered very highly.

Ionized water has many unique physical properties, which it is also known by. It is also known as:

  • Microwater
  • Micro-Clustered water
  • Hexagonal Water
  • Reduced Water
  • Electrolysed Reduced Water (ERW)
  • Ionic Mineral Water
  • Light Water
  • Living Water
  • Anti-Aging Water
  • Oxygenated Water
  • Energized Water

Ionized water is also called Miracle Water’ in a 13 Part TV Series shown on Japanese National TV.

If the BBC would have a similar series on British television, it would have significant positive effect on the health of the nation.


Since Sang Whang’s Reverse Aging, the water ionizer has also been highly recommended in many recent Health books, including:

Dr Theodore Baroody: Alkalize or Die
Dr Gabriel Cousins: Conscious Eating
Dr Shery Rodgers: Detoxify or Die
Harald Tietze, Youthing not Aging
Daniel Reid: The Tao of Detox and
Kurzweil/Grossman: Live Long Enough to Live Forever

Dr William Kelly author of Cancer Cure writes that:

“Alkaline water produced by a water ionizer has become the most important advancement in health care since Sir Alexander Fleming’s discovery of penicillin”.

Dr Susan Lark, University lecturer and author of The Chemistry Of Success says:

“Drinking four to six glasses of alkaline water a day will help to neutralize over acidity and over time will help to restore your buffering ability”

Peak Performance expert Tony Robbins, whose clients have included 3 US Presidents (including Bill Clinton), Gorbachev, Princess Diana and Andre Agassi recommends drinking as much as 5 litres/day of alkaline water for optimal health and peak performance.

In the years that we have been marketing the Microlite JP107 in the UK, we have several hundreds of satisfied customers. Many of these individuals were recommended to use ionized alkaline water by their naturopathic health practitioners to help with cases including cancer, diabetes, heart conditions and stroke.

JP107 Costs and Installation

The Microlite JP107 costs £550. The running costs are very low, approx £0.008 /litre
The units fit easily to the kitchen tap using the supplied combined aerator and diverter. Plumbing is not required if your tap has an aerator.

Additional Information

Our website has a wealth of additional information including a large selection of free Video’s, Research Articles, Clinical Studies and Medical Case Studies.

Please take time to browse an let us know if you have any questions.

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